EML Company:

Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd, EML for short began in 1964. The Company was incorporated in 1965; both Mr and Mrs Narder being shareholders. EML is the by far the largest privately owned Electrical Service Provider in Zambia. It is focused on electrical, Electronic and IT contracting, services and maintenance for installations, DB feeder pillars and Panel Board Fabrication, Manufacturing of architectural customized light fittings, manufacturing overhead line accessories, various sizes of customized light poles Medical Equipment supply and maintenance, retail and wholesale of electrical and electronic parts and instruments are few of its major services offered.

Electrical Maintenance Lusaka Ltd, (EML), located in Lusaka, Zambia provide a competitive and diverse range of electrical products and services in Zambia, both retail and wholesale. Today we retail over 10,000 quality product stock for our customers and clients from worlds renown brands.

It has expanded over the 50 years since its existence, and its peak it housed over 1000 direct and indirect employees.

EML is also the most diversified electrical and electronic engineering company in Zambia.  Customers have a high regard for the commitment of EML to its market, expressed also in the referrals and recommendations of project consultants as well as ongoing and repeat business.

With over 500 staff capacity at any given time We conduct continuous inhouse training to all our staff to cover and induct into the latest trends, technologies, new products introductions etc. We also provide trainings with our partnered and external training and certifying organizations in their latest products, technologies and get our staff certified and inducted with the latest technologies and products. This allows us to stay current in the vast and everchanging electrical / electronic industry.

We are proud of the reputation we have built for being a reliable and trustworthy electrical service provider, offering quality with affordability. With an extensive range of projects covering the domestic, retail, commercial and industrial sectors, we boast a wealth of experience that we are able to apply to projects regardless of size or end use.

Professional Membership

The company is a proud member of the following professional bodies in Zambia.

Engineering Institute of Zambia (EIZ)

Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM)
National Council for Construction (NCC)
Engineers Registration Board (ERB)

Our Mission

Be committed to a high quality of workmanship and provide a safe work environment on all projects and provide reliable services, while building strategic partnerships and treating our clients the way we want to be treated. We believe the quality in all dealing that will represent us for years to come.

EML CEO – Mr. George Narder

Mr. George Narder arrived in Zambia on 10 February 1963 from Switzerland for a testing and commissioning assignment on the Kariba Power Station. Afterwards he chose to stay in the country in view of the forthcoming independence and the possibility of expansion.

Prior to arriving in Zambia, Mr. G. Narder was in Dottikon AG for six years working for Fisher Söhne Machinen Fabrik and later Gutor Verteil Anlagen, which moved to Lenzburg AG and became part of Brown Boveri.

Mr. G. Narder has a mechanical and electrical engineering background. He trained and qualified in northern Italy and had further training in Switzerland.

Mr. G. Narder married in 1965 to a lady from Northern Italy he met in Dottikon AG, Switzerland and both have lived in Lusaka since that time.

Mr. and Mrs. Narder have three children: two daughters and one son, all of whom graduated in England.

Mr. and Mrs. Narder are actively involved in the daily management of their companies in Zambia. Mrs. Narder is the head of administration and personnel. Mr. G. Narder is the head of business functions including marketing, production, services etc.

In 2010 Mr. Narder received the title of Commendatore from the President of Italy. The prestigious order of merit reflects good works in the community and industry. 

Until recently Mr. Narder was one of the longest serving Honorary Swiss Consuls since records began. The voluntary role exceeded the maximum length of service permitted and facilitated the supervision of many successful projects in Zambia. 


Electrical Instrumentation Services Ltd

Formed in 1972 EIS continues to provide its services for over 45 years in Kitwe and suburbs. The company offers a range of services including wholesale and retail trading, commercial and marketing activities, and contracting operations. EIS has witnessed many changes and improvements on the Copperbelt. Our team looks forward to being a part of future growth, recruitment, and training in the electrical engineering industry.

EIS is situated in Kitwe geographically this large area makes a vitally important contribution to Zambia’s GDP. Which make EIS the ideal partner, strategically located to serve the Zambia’s largest mining sector as its primary intended purpose. Our dedicated team meets the requirements and demands of many clients on the Copperbelt.

With full support and backing of EML and Sterling Steel factory in Lusaka. EIS offers its services at flexibility and speed of delivery un parallel to any other company in Kitwe.

At EIS, we aim to go beyond the call of duty and build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. This friendly, hands-on approach means that each job is tailored to meet individual requirements on every aspect of the project.

Being one of the primary Departments in EML when it was incorporated on 1968 and then expanded to Kitwe via EIS incorporation on 1970, contracts Department also holds the largest manpower in the company. At its peak it housed over 800 personal as direct and indirect employees. With established footprints in Lusaka and Kitwe Contracts Department extends its operation to cover whole Zambia.

Contracts Department has successfully undertaken and delivered almost all the prestige’s and landmarks projects ranging from power plants, substations, hospitality buildings, healthcare facilities, commercial buildings, data centers, shopping malls, Educational institutes, religious buildings, diplomatic missions, residential houses, storage facilities, factories, overhead and underground power distribution lines throughout Zambia. The clientele varies from private individuals, national and international companies, multinational corporates, non-governmental organizations, government bodies to military wings.

The size and type of projects that we carry out varies greatly and ranges from the smallest of works, typically a maintenance work, alterations or additions to an existing installation which may take just an hour or two to upgrading of whole building services such as Mains & Distribution Systems, General Lighting & Small Power Systems, Emergency Lighting Systems or Fire Alarm Systems up to complete refurbishment projects of existing, and on many occasions, occupied buildings through to new building extensions and full new build projects.


Over the years, EML contracts Department earned a reputation for excellence, quality, and quick response, and soon became a major preferred electrical contractor in the country. To keep pace with today’s fast-growing, innovative business climate, we strive to remain on the cutting edge of electrical electronic and IT installations by using the latest technology. From our in-house electrical, electronic Repair to new installation methods, we set the standards for our industry.

Our qualified and committed industrial electrical electronic engineers and technicians can handle all of your installation, upgrade and repair needs, from simple electrical wiring to smart technology integrations, no matter how big or small, we prepared for any project and, most of all, maintain exceptional standards of quality and customer service.

We’re passionate about providing highly specialized services to industrial applications. Our expertise allows us to efficiently service and maintain the equipment necessary to keep your business and Zambia up and running.

We aim to go beyond the call of duty, building strong and long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our professional, hands-on approach allows each job to be a unique project tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Peace of mind is at the heart of everything that we do, and we aim to deliver the best possible service at all time.


We work with our clients to customize the best solution, tailored to your unique situation. EML has a proven history of providing high-quality maintenance and installation services for almost all Zambia’s largest companies.

Our commitment is for professional and affordable electrical services. We carry out all aspects of electrical work, from proposals professional consultation through to commissioning for clients in the domestic, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. Our eye for quality and our dedication to the delivery of top-notch customer service are what make us the electrical company of choice for all over Zambia.

We are constantly looking out for new emerging companies, emerging technologies to provide our clients with most relevant and highest standard quality materials, that gives us an edge in the cost, time, and quality of the final product.


Doing what we do for over 50 years we know first hand that electrical work can be dangerous and work should only be attempted by registered professional electricians who have the relevant skills and tools to complete the work safely. Our electricians are highly experienced, fully qualified, fully insured and accredited by EIZ / TEVETA. All this means you can rely on us to do the work safely, professionally and with care and skill.

It is our investment in the training of our engineers and technicians that allows us to ensure that all work is carried out to the highest standard. But you don’t have to take our word for it; check out what some of our customers had to say about our service:

Over the last 25 years, the healthcare business unit at EML has grown to become one of the leaders in the provision of medical technologies to the health sector both for private and public institutions in Zambia.

We are proud to be the first company operating in the healthcare sector to have installed a1.5 tesla MRI scanner in Zambia, this unit is still considered to this date to be the reference site in Zambia in terms of image quality after 10 years of operation. We are at the same time the first company to have installed a linear accelerator, two brachytherapy units and a cobalt 60 machine for the treatment of cancer through radiotherapy.

The Linear accelerator has been in continuous operation for the last 14 years with a very impressive uptime comparable to what is achievable in the first world.

Our staff has been trained at various worldwide training facilities of global providers of healthcare technologies to the level required to become certified professional engineers for the following modalities: Computerized Tomography (CT), magnetic resonance (MR), x-ray products (XP), Radiation Oncology (RO) and Ultrasound products.

Medical imaging plays a very important role in the healthcare decision making process and help reduce cost of healthcare through early detection of diseases and avoidance of surgical procedures. EML is better placed to help health institutions acquire state of the art medical imaging equipment at the lowest cost of ownership in Zambia.

EML offer products and services for the following modalities.

  1. Siemens CT
  2. Siemens MR
  3. Siemens XP
  4. Siemens US
  5. Agfa CR
  6. Draeger

To support the above products, EML offers a wide range of service level agreements to meet the specific needs of each client. Find out more here (link to service offerings)


Siemens Healthineers is known to be an innovation leader in medical imaging in general and in CT technology in particular. With an installed base of more than 30000 systems worldwide, Siemens is the number one provider of CT systems.

Ct scanners help doctors in their daily work to locate masses or tumours inside patient bodies without surgery, to check for internal injuries and bleeding in patients involved in car accidents or other types of trauma, to study the blood vessels in vascular applications.

EML sells single CT source scanners from 16 slices to more than 128 slices.

The Somatom Go platform is the latest family of CT systems designed to address the challenges of increased workload and reduced budget allocation for healthcare providers.

The platform improves workflow   and operates via a mobile tablet that allows the operator to spend more time with the patient inside the CT room while preparing the scan.

The first Somatom Go in Zambia has been recently installed in Chinsali in the newly built Chinsali General hospital. It took the EML team only there days to complete the installation. CT scanners are also used in radiotherapy treatment simulation. One such CT simulator was recently installed at the Cancer Diseases

Hospital in Lusaka as seen in picture below:


Magnetic resonance imaging of the human body uses 0.3 to 7 T magnetic field, electromagnetic waves and computers to produce detailed pictures of the anatomy and physiology of internal organs to help in the diagnosis and follow up of several medical conditions in patients.

Siemens healthineers currently offers technologies from 1.5 Tesla, 3Tesla and 7 Tesla magnetic strength.

The first 1.5 T Siemens Essenza MR scanner installed a decade ago at the cancer diseases hospital in Lusaka is still considered to be the reference machine in terms of image quality.

The zero-helium boil-off technology from Siemens has made the Essenza to be the most economical MR scanner in the Zambian environment.

Magnetom Essenza  at Cancer Diseases Hospital


The Siemens s XP portfolio includes the widest variety of equipment covering the following areas:

  1. Radiography
  2. Mobile x-ray units
  3. Fluoroscopy
  4. Urology
  5. mammography

The Luminos DRf is a high end digital system which combines a remote controlled table for fluoroscopy and a radiography unit in one system.

EML is proud to have installed two such systems in Zambia. The latest unit is installed at Wusakile Mine Hospital as seen in the picture below:

Luminos dRF at Wusakile Mine Hospital


When compared to other modalities, ultrasound imaging is increasingly gaining widespread acceptance in the diagnosis of a variety of diseases due to many factors:

  1. It is relatively affordable when compared to the other modalities
  2. It does not require expensive investment in physical infrastructure as it can quickly operate even at the bed side.
  3. It is very safe as it is not using ionizing radiations.
  4. It is becoming more and more portable and ultrasound services can be provided by non-radiologists.

Siemens offers several ultrasound systems to cover various demands in general imaging, cardiovascular, OB/Gyn, point of care, etc.

For more information, please click here.

EML has just installed one of the latest Siemens ultrasound scanners at Lusaka trust hospital as seen in the picture below:

Siemens NX3 ultrasound scanner in use at Lusaka Trust Hospital


To keep the highest uptime for the installed base of healthcare equipment in the country we train regularly our staff to be able to provide the best customer service to our clients throughout the lifespan of each equipment.

Depending on the complexity of the equipment and the budget available, we offer different types of maintenance contracts from the most comprehensive to the least comprehensive depending on what factors are included (labor, all service parts, only preventive maintenance parts, call out only, etc.)

Siemens new vision is to shift from on-site to online maintenance services by connecting the Siemens modalities to the Smart Remote Service (SRS) to allow real time monitoring and preventive maintenance of the connected equipment which will ultimately translate into reduced downtime and higher customer satisfaction.

EML is encouraging customers having SRS capable equipment to have them connected to the Siemens SRS through an internet virtual private network (VPN).

The following pictures show EML engineers performing a helium fill for the Magnetom Essenza MR scanner at Cancer Diseases Hospital under a fully comprehensive maintenance contract with the Ministry of Health in Zambia:

AGFA Computed Radiography (CR)

For customers planning to go digital but who cannot afford the price of  a fully digital x-ray machine, we can still offer a digitalization path which will enable them to use the existing analog x-ray unit and a CR reader to make their entry into the digital quality imaging.

The Agfa CR 10-X will be the first choice to enter the digital world:

We also support medical imagers made by Agfa for the printing of CT/MR and digital radiography images on hardcopy media similar to conventional x-ray films.





EML is proud to add to its product portfolio several life support products made by Draeger in Germany. These include the following:

  1. Anesthesia devices such as anesthetic machines and vaporizers with advanced features and functionalities.
  2. Thermoregulation products such as baby incubators for the creation of microclimate needed for the development of neonates and Resuscitaires for open care during delivery procedures.
  3. Intensive Care Unit ventilators for neonatal, infants and adults.

Occupying over half of the EML floor space and over 50 full time employees the store / retails department is the house for world largest and well-known brands is Zambia. Stores department of EML is known to provide original quality electrical products to the retail and wholesale trade in Zambia. Our comprehensively stock has over 10,000 line items. Our sales staff handle over 1000 walk in customers per month and provide quality system designs, specifications and BOQs to cater the clients requirement.

To compete favorably EML’s philosophy over the years has been to procure product directly from the source, with obvious benefits to the customer. The concept is supported by an excellent supply chain process from procurement, import logistics, to warehousing.

EML does not shy away when it comes to procurements of good that the customer demands, from 16mm electroplated flathead screws to fresh water cooled industrial air conditioning units, from anywhere in Africa, United States, Europe, and Even from Far East we have a dedicated group of reliable suppliers standing by to cater all our clients’ needs. We have also identified and partnered with reliable and dedicated shipping companies and warehouses to provide the best value for the materials supplied to our clients. Having all the logistics in place and years of importation experience with inhouse clearing agents makes EML the ideal procurement partner for any complicated requirement.  

We also provide agreements to keep dedicated stock on behalf of our clients’ maintenance needs and provide just-in-time (JIT) deliveries to the customer premises as the demand arises without limitations ie: working hours.

EML has recently started the construction of 3 story show room to complement the efforts of sales and marketing team by providing a display of various products and system available with EML. We expect the facility to be opened to public by end of this year 2020.

Commercial and Marketing Departments

The Commercial and Marketing departments have an experienced sales team that spend a considerable time in the field visiting customers and extending EMLs services to the doorsteps of its corporate clients. They are equipped to provide technical support, advice, and problem resolution. Their vast experience and extensive training backed by the contracting departments support enable them to provide the clients with best customer service and value.

Our commercial department also participate in the corporate purchasing tenders to supply materials and services. We will also negotiate with the suppliers for any of our clients’ project demands and provide special pricing and technical assistance from project planning, tendering up to delivery stage. Our engineers shall provide guidance in installation of any of the purchased components or systems. They will further coordinate with other departments internally to provide the best suited solution for the requirement in compliance with given guidance and specifications, that is guaranteed to provide an edge over any other competing suppliers.

This is a one of the primary departments of EML. It is dedicated to serve the farming and agricultural sector of Zambia as the main objective. Repairing of generators, motor control panels, electrical motors and pumps, it provides quality rewinding service for alternators, armatures and stators.

Workshop also undertakes assembly of domestic switch boards, smaller control and starter panels and wiring. Further it handles all the after-sale services for the generators sold by EML with association of the auto workshop.

With over decades of experience in the maintenance of generators, water pumps and motors of all types. It has built up its reputation in the farming and agriculture communities for reliability, quality workmanship and timely deliveries.

Below showcase some interesting projects we have completed:


We undertake repairs and rewinding of all types of water pumps and motors: vertical, horizontal and centrifugal. We offer motor rewinding from the range of 1/4 HP up to 200 HP.


The image below shows a client’s motor it’s a 1,000 Kw motor at 380 V, 3 phase 50 Hz. The widenings were actually repaired on their premises.

The same motor prior to and after repairs

Being the latest addition to the EMLs portfolio Instrumentation Department works closely with the EML sales department. With a dedicated team placed at EIS Kitwe it provides all the instrumentation and process automation services throughout the country.

The team is equipped with technical knowhow of all the traits of engineering and is ready to serve our clients with confident. We offer our clients turnkey solutions for any instrumentation or process automation requirement.

Weather your need is to find and alternative components for your already automated process or to upgrade the existing setup or to add automation to any of your manual processes that will improve the accuracy reduce the wastage and improve the productivity of the whole plant, EML Instrumentation department will give you a one stop solution and professional unbiased advice to deliver the best value for your investment.

We provide a one-stop service to the customer, for fast track project implementation. conceptual design, engineering, procurement, and construction management, commissioning, operating and post-commissioning services. EML is committed to long-term relationships with all its clients to provide excellent total quality, cost effective and timely engineered solutions and products to satisfy the business needs. We assure integrity, efficiency, and the use of appropriate and cutting-edge technology to achieve the most cost-effective results in all our design proposals. Our approaches will allow a quick turn-around of projects with no compromise to quality and value.